Melanson ~ Melançon: The Genealogy of an Acadian and Cajun Family covers the Melanson and Melançon descendants of both Pierre Mellanson and Charles Mellanson from the 1600s in Acadia through the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Québec, Ontario, New England, New York, the Midwest and Louisiana.

Although the original family surname Mellanson is most commonly found today as Melanson, Melançon or Melancon, other variations covered in this book include Malanson, Malonson, Malonzo, Mannausa, Mannasau, Mélançon, Melonson, Menancon, Menançon and Menanson.

  Book Specs:    
  • 1,040 pages
  • 8 1/2" x 11" hardcover
  • 20,000+ person index
  • complete footnotes
  • full bibliography
  Surname variations include:    
  • Malanson
  • Malonson
  • Malonzo
  • Mannausa
  • Mannasau
  • Melancon
  • Melançon
  • Mélançon
  • Melanson
  • Melonson
  • Mellanson
  • Menancon
  • Menançon
  • Menanson

By the nineteenth century, the Melanson ~ Melançon family had reestablished themselves in new communities in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Québec and Louisiana, where they became known as Cajuns. This comprehensive genealogy covers the Melanson ~ Melançon descendents in all these areas, as well as their migration into Ontario, New England, New York and the Midwest at the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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